How to build a writing habit

An Imposter’s Guide

How to face the blank page

An Imposter’s Guide

How to schedule your writing

An Imposter’s Guide

Guides for Developing your writing skills

Each of these guides tackles a different topic, method, or skill needed for becoming a great writer. 

After going to university and spending thousands to discover every element of the writing process I decided it was high time we give this information out for an affordable price. 

Writing is a creative art and as such it should be accessible to the masses, while a lot of the writing process will be self-discovery I can help jump start you into the writing career by giving you practical guides on the areas you are struggling with. 

Don’t believe me?


About the author.

Beth spent four years of her life extensively studying not only the arts and literature but creative writing specifically. An avid reader since they were young they have spent the majority of their life studying the craft of writing. 

Beth is here to make learning the craft of writing not only accessible but easy to digest. She aims to break down challenging topics into individual guides so that you don’t waste your time or money buying help you don’t need.  

I’m here to make sure that you get the support that you need at a price you can afford. My number one goal is to help you build confidence in your writing abilities and get comfortable with the writing process. I want to help you get from blank page to bookshelf. 


Beth van der Pol