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I’ve spent the last one or two months talking about my writing schedule. While I recommend batch writing and editing it is challenging. It can feel like a rollercoaster. Trying to find your steam, approach work on bad days and build a sustainable work approach. All the while still facing deadlines.

Everything good

Scheduling takes the chaos away from writing

I don’t have to ever worry about whether I’ll meet my deadlines. I’ve made a clever schedule that works for me. I’ve built it with real life in mind so even if something goes wrong my content is still published.

I don’t have to worry about what I’m writing

Well. I suppose I do have to worry, but only for half an hour on a Monday. I still don’t have to worry too much because I have a long list of ideas already prepared.

I can focus on the task at hand

I only ever need to think about what I’m currently doing. So as I’m writing this I’m only spending mental energy on writing, not on coming up with ideas or how to edit the piece. This means that I can get into a flow state making my work more enjoyable and engaging.

I can plan my topics or themes

I’m not flying by the seat of my pants anymore. I can take the time to look at a whole month and make targeted content for whatever might be happening. That might be NaNoWriMo prep content for October or New Years content.

I can be a good boss to myself

If I were writing for another company I would get sent a topic to write and research. I would be told what to do. By batching my idea generation, writing and editing days I’m never left wondering what I had to do. I can get my work done, accomplish my goals and clock off. I’m never stressed about what I have to do the next day because I’ve given myself a schedule that works and works well.

Everything bad

Motivation can be tricky

I find that coming up to the holidays when I’m getting my content lined up it can be hard to push forward. It’s like when you’re excited to go somewhere in a car so it feels like it takes so much longer. I’m flying home for Christmas on Friday so this is the last article I have to write. I swear it feels like it’s taking forever.

I am my own boss

For better or for worse I am in charge of accomplishing my own goals. I am the only one I can blame when I fail. I don’t often neglect my goals. I usually set goals that are achievable, because I am motivated by the low barriers to entry types of jobs. That being said, sometimes I forget that and load up my task list with far too much work. Then I end up paralysed and struggle to get basic things done. Working for yourself takes a certain amount of discovery to get right.

I’m a one-woman office

This means I can rightfully complain that I’m the only one who gets anything done around here. If I don’t reach my goals I can’t delegate tasks, I have to go back to where I dropped the ball and walk it back to the net. If I miss, I miss and I don’t have anyone else who can help with that. Writing can be both lonely and overwhelming.

Too many hats

This one is attached to being the only one in the office. I get to wear all the hats. That means I get to generate ideas, edit, write, format, market, optimise for SEO, build a webpage, be a social media influencer, and a bunch of other things I’m forgetting. I’ve had to learn so many new skills to do what I do. While I’m thankful for the experience sometimes it can steal too much time away from the actual writing.

It’s lonely

Don’t get me wrong, I love the solitude of writing. If I didn’t I would be in the wrong career. Sometimes you want the water cooler conversation your friends are having. You also run the risk of living in an echo chamber. If you’re the only one coming up with ideas it can be hard to write inclusive and relevant topics. That won’t stop me from doing my best.

Why I still batch write and edit

Despite all the bad and the good, I’m still going to continue batch editing and writing. I listed a total of five good and bad for each but to be honest the good far outweighs the bad. Every bad week I have is far outnumbered by the good and I get to do what I’m passionate about on a daily basis.

A lot of writing is to do with mindset. If you can cultivate an environment that is both healthy and conducive to writing you’re winning.

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf!