Congratulations everyone. We’ve made it to the end of 2021. While I’m thankful for the last year and all the writing, I’m looking forward to my upcoming goals.

At the end of the year, I love to set up some writing goals for the next one.

I figure out where I want to be in my novel, which of my many writing plates I want to prioritise, and how to reach my goals for the year.

I want to take the time to encourage you to sit down and set an achievable goal for next year. 

Give yourself something to work towards as a writing challenge or as an enjoyable pass time.

I’m going to work on romanticising my writing. I will be taking my time putting words on the page and making sure that my writing is both slow and sustainable. In the past, I’ve been a race to the finish writer, and I rarely take time to enjoy the beauty of words on the page, so this little bit of mindfulness is a great goal for me! 

I’ve been guilty of racing to a word count as fast as I can, as a result, I started to dislike my writing time. It felt more and more like work as I set myself increasingly unrealistic goals. It sounds silly but it took me a long time to realise the trap I had set up for myself. This year I’m going to slow down, tortoise style and win the race.

Have fun setting up your 2022 goals! I would encourage you to make both productive and gentle plans.

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf.