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My husband finds it highly amusing to watch me type. Not in a mean spirited way, but I caught him giggling the other day and asked him why.

‘You write exactly how you talk.’

I can see what he means. What you read on the page, in non-fiction cases, is exactly what you’ll find in real life. 

It can be hard to differentiate yourself from the sea of voices, especially when you might be writing about the same thing a lot of other writers are focusing on. 

I’ve focused less on being different from other writers and more on being myself. 

Finding my voice took me a long time. I have wasted time sounding overly academic, too funny, awkward, formal, informal all of it. 

Most of these didn’t work for me. 

The fastest way for me to find my voice was to establish who I was writing for. 

Turns out I’ve always been writing for myself… a younger version that is.

Know your audience

The quickest way to find your voice is to figure out who you are writing to. 

If it’s the science or tech community an informational semi-formal tone might be useful. 

If your perfect audience is one that is laughing at or with you perhaps comedic writing is the style you should go for. 

Figuring out who your ideal audience is will not only help you find that audience but will also help you develop a personal style that works with your goals. 

I’ve always said that my ideal reader is sitting across from me at a coffee shop and picking my brain about parts of the writing process. 

It’s an informal, friendly chat about my passion in life. They want to learn and I happened to of put years of research into the act of writing. 

It’s cosy, it’s sometimes funny and it’s always helpful and friendly. 

Once you know your audience you can begin to practice writing in your preferred style. Start by sitting down and figuring out who you are writing for, figure out what style of writing they might appreciate. Then start practising that style of writing.

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf.