Developmental Editing

Price Per Word: 0.024

  • Examine elements of writing:
  • Individual words, sentences and overall structure and style
  • Address any issues in plot and characterization
  • Critique given with target audience in mind
  • Provide edits that will bring your work up to industry standard
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Developmental editing could be for you if you’ve finished writing your first draft and you want to make sure you’re on the right track. This phase is there to make sure that your book is in great condition for your target audience!

This type of edit is there to give you the utmost confidence in your manuscript, giving you clear steps to take your novel from the first draft to completion. Receive expert advice that will help you conquer imposter’s syndrome and get you one step closer to publication!

During this process your book will be examined in light of your writing style, making sure that your words, sentences and structure are all in line with what you are trying to accomplish. We will highlight any plot holes, lack of information, or suggested additions or deletions. The advice you will receive will not only help bring your work up to industry standard but set you up for success in the next part of the editing process.


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