So I recently let my husband read my polished writing for the first time. 

He sees me writing all of the time but doesn’t know what exactly I’m working on. Recently I was polishing the first chapter of my novel, trying to get it completed. I wanted to send it out to some people to get feedback. 

It turns out he loved it… like really loved it. 

The scariest part was watching him read my story. He’s never read my novel before. My husband has been blindly supporting his writing wife without fully knowing what I was capable of. So we were both nervous… what would happen if he didn’t like it?

We didn’t need to be worried though, not only was he thrilled with the quality of the first chapter. But he genuinely enjoyed reading the book… he even suggested a couple of edits that the chapter would benefit from.

It was a lovely bonding experience, despite being nerve-wracking. I had to walk out of the room while he was reading and making comments. I was so scared. 

Then we sat down together and discussed his edits. We loved the process. 

He enjoyed getting to see what I was up to and offering useful advice, and I enjoyed getting that little bit of validation I craved. 

So this is your sign. If you have family members who already support your writing, don’t be afraid to share your work with them. 

You both can get a lot out of the experience. As a bonus, I’m not afraid to let my husband read my work anymore. We are both invested and united in the publishing of this book now, and that makes me really happy. So bite the bullet and trust a loved one. It’s so worth it!

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf!