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At some point in all of our lives, we decided to pick up a pen and paper for creative purposes. Some of us did it for a school assignment, others because we wanted to write an epic. Some of us will remember the first story we wrote, some of us won’t. Some will turn writing into their full-time job, pumping out content and living the dream. Other’s will make their writing into a relaxing side hobby where they can truly feel themselves. Everyone will get something different out of their practice. 

That’s one of my favourite things about writing. There are so many different types of writers, each enjoying this passion a different way. 

We’re all as different as the books that we write. 

We’ll keep writing because it’s the act of writing that we love. Success, fame, publishing would be nice but in the long run, we write because we love writing. 

Each of us has individually fallen in love with the act, telling a tale, expressing ourselves. We have found the unique power of tapping into our own minds and exploring the boundaries of our creativity. 

If a writer is left to their own devices, excluded from the world of success and succeeding they are likely to never stop writing. The joy they get from writing is intrinsic, untainted by the outside world. They will return to the page, again and again, to play, consider, explore, to have fun. 

Writing was fun, wasn’t it?

We all need to make a living, and my writing will hopefully one day pay some bills, but always remember your initial reason for writing.

It was something that was fun.

It helped you work through some strong emotions.

It helped you discover a part of who you are.

It let you express yourself fully to your crush.

Writing was there for you, and it will keep being there for you.

Don’t give up on such a fun activity because of the way that the world wants you to use it. You don’t have to monetise everything, you can keep writing for yourself. 

You shouldn’t be writing for anyone but you. 

You have a story to tell, and it is unique, a letter to yourself, a manuscript with a perfect story. 

You can write forever if you write for yourself. 

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf.