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Writing is maybe the loneliest part of my job. 

It can be hard to spend hours at a time alone with only your own creativity to stave off the boredom, but writing doesn’t have to be solitary. 

Long Distance Club

My sister lives in Denmark, my mum lives in Hungary, and I’m in the Netherlands, but we have a group chat called ‘Get Stuff Done’. 

As I’m currently writing, I’m reaping the benefits of being a part of this group. I ran out of writing steam about two hours and three articles ago, yet here I am writing my sixth article of the day. 

I’m preparing to move house in early March so I have to get ahead of my publishing schedule. This is why my writing days will be a little bit intense over the next few weeks. 

Having people on the other end of the call to sit with while working has been invaluable. 

We set a timer and work away, our current sprint is thirty minutes, I race the clock to see how much I can get done. In our breaks, we chat about anything and everything. It’s that watercooler talk that a lot of writers miss. 

There is also no obligation to show up to the call. We work on the basis that productivity and mental health is the biggest goal of this group. 

So if you’re working well on your own, focused and enjoying the work, then stay in that lane. If you’re having a bad mental health day, bow out at any time. 

With little pressure to join the group, it means that each individual in that group chat is benefiting from it. Of course, that sometimes means you’ll be alone on the call, but that happens surprisingly rarely. 

It, of course, doesn’t have to be family members. It could be a public forum or an online group. There are a few Discord groups out there that seem really cool. Search for forums or online groups where you can share the writing process and do writing sprints together. Live write-ins or workshops are also a great social option.

Having someone to work alongside is beneficial to a lot of writers. 

I’ve been really enjoying the study sessions. When I feel like I don’t want to work or I want to procrastinate, I can look at others and know they are working too. That often gives me the little push to keep going. If they can do it, I can. 

Working alongside someone else is something we’ve all found incredibly helpful, especially when a few of us are in a bit of a lockdown. The indoor hours pass quicker with company, even if it’s virtual. 

Find yourself a little online workgroup. I promise you won’t regret it.

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf.