I mean I kind of gave it all away in the title there… but the point still stands. I’ve never felt more on the ball and I want to help you reach your publishing goals too.

I start off my work week with a half-hour brainstorming session.

During this session, it is usually my goal to come up with three article ideas for the upcoming week. I found myself not working a week ahead of my publishing schedule but a month ahead. That’s not only in content ideas but in the content itself.

My brainstorming session includes thinking of titles and outlining content. This helps inspire me later on in the writing week.

Any time I have a winning idea I jot it down, write the outline and schedule the release date. This means that when it comes to writing and editing I already have all the information I need for release.

Half an hour, with practice, is quite a lot of time for brainstorming. While the ideas don’t always flow I find that I can always come up with at least three ideas but often more.

Brainstorming helps me gain direction. Sticking to the topics I set out for myself saves me time and energy in the long run.

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf.