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My window is where my eyes drift when I’m thinking.

My current view looks out onto a sea of trees dancing in the breeze. 

I come up with all of my best ideas when I can stare out of a window. 

There is something about observing the world outside that makes me feel connected to my writing. 

I often make use of my touch-typing ability to stare outside the window while my fingers are working away.

Not looking at the screen while I’m writing helps remove me from the blank page. It makes writing much more natural. I’m no longer worried about filling the page, instead, I’m concerned with writing down my thoughts. 

I know for sure that I wouldn’t feel as inspired to write if I didn’t have something pretty to stare at while doing it. 

It’s why picking the right writing software is important to me, it has to be aesthetic and practical. It’s also why touch-typing was an important skill for me to learn. 

I don’t want my eyes to be glued to a screen for an entire day. Not only is that bad for my eyes but it’s also incredibly boring. 

I look at the screen during the editing process but for the most part, I don’t actually need to look at the page when writing. I glance at it every now and then to make sure that my formatting is still good, but mostly I’m enjoying my window and its view. 

Even if you can’t touch type having a view to look out of while brainstorming or daydreaming is a great way to engage your creativity. A view is inspiring, and even an ugly view has its perks. 

So if you can, find yourself a room with a view. It can really change the game not only for your creativity but also for eye strain.

As always, I cannot wait to see you on the bookshelf.